Ethernal Alpha 2.0 now live!

New dungeon, refactored codebase, and lots of updates

Greetings from the Ethernal,

Since we released Alpha 1.0 (our proof of concept) a lot has happened in the world. Our team—Lumir, Ronan, and I—continues to build in the new frontier of decentralized gaming. We hope to provide an outlet for our players to escape and have fun.

For this Alpha 2.0 release, we made lots of updates based on tester feedback and fixed critical issues discovered in Alpha 1.0. We rewrote our smart contracts infrastructure so that it would allow us to make continuous updates as we test new features. We created a new map generation algorithm and updated our player interface for web and mobile. And we moved over to the Matic testnet!

Now not only are the dungeon rooms procedurally generated from the blockchain by the players, but new items will also be generated in existing rooms as players take actions in the dungeon. This means the more active players there are, the more items, gears, monsters, and NPCs will be created.

All Alpha 2.0 updates

🗺️ Dungeon map

  • New map generation algorithm

  • New navigation and moving multiple rooms

  • New fog of war for movement

  • Updated drops to improve game balance

🧙 Characters

  • New classes! Play as an explorer, warrior, mage or barbarian

  • Death, rebirth, and inheritance: choose to create a new generation character with inherited attributes or create a brand new character if your character dies in combat

🎒 Inventory

  • Items are tradable and transferrable

  • Limit number of items that your bag can carry

  • Drop and pick up items in rooms

  • Gears and items with durability and rarity

  • Scavenge items from dead characters

⚔️ Combat

  • Improved monster difficulty and gear balance

  • Charge your card for a turn

  • More multiplayer actions

  • New monsters and mini-bosses

Refactoring and optimization

  • Smart contracts: contracts are now upgradeable, allow items to be transferable and tradable and allow us to add more floors to the dungeon

  • Web app refactoring and UI updates for web and mobile

  • Graphics rendering: improved performance and allow us to add more interactivity to the dungeon map

  • Caching updates


  • Deployed to the Matic testnet

  • New deployment process using Buidler

Next up

While we still have more optimization and fixes to make, we are now ready to try out new game features and quickly test with our players. Among the many features in our plan, we will be adding a daily food system, additional multiplayer features, more content & gameplay, and items of different rarity levels to test out the NFT economy within the dungeon—the first to be added will be the winners from our recent Skulls and Crest Pixel Art Contest.

Want to be an Alpha tester?

You can still reserve a key by following us and tweeting “open sesame” to @EthernalWorld. Or message us in #🗝️keys🗝️ on our Discord.