Interview with Pixel Artist ヘルミッペ

Introducing the Ethernal x Hermippe Heroes Limited Art Collection

We are excited to work with artist Hermippe (Komiyama Takashi) again on a new limited art collection: Ethernal x Hermippe Heroes. Based on the Ethernal hero classes, we are releasing a total of 5 artworks. The first of the collection ✧Mage✧ is now live on OpenSea, until Tuesday, June 30 at 12 PM ET. Check out the art token and learn more about the collection at the end of this post.

Pixel Artist Interview

Hermippe (Komiyama Takashi) is a Japanese pixel artist, illustrator, and VJ, who works across a variety of mediums, including music videos, embroidery, merchandizes, ZINE, and more.



Ethernal: Hi Hermippe, please introduce yourself and tell us about your work.

Hermippe: I’m an illustrator and pixel artist. The topic of my work is often about the housing complex in Tama New Town where I grew up, insects that I observe, or sci-fi stories. I also make music videos, embroidery, record jackets, ZINE, and collaborate on commercial products and VJ.  

I started to draw when I was very young, but I don't remember how it got started. Instead of playing with toys, I was always drawing on stock-forms at home. I began to study drawing seriously when I was 16. Then I attended an art college. I used to draw miniature drawings with a ballpoint pen and started pixel drawing about 7 years ago.




E: What is your process for creating your artworks?

H: I usually don’t make a draft unless requested. I’ll decide on the composition once I imagine the overall atmosphere of my work. Then I’ll think about the proper balance of colors and techniques. Finally, I’ll set up a specific color palette, perspective, and resolution, etc.



E: What are your inspirations?

H: I’m inspired by the ideas of “surrealism in everyday life” and “estrangement”. Regarding “surrealism in everyday life”, although I often choose landscapes and natural objects as motifs, I focus on the housing complexes or insects around them. This unusual combination of normal motifs and unexpected elements strengthen the feeling of “surrealism”. On the other hand, my hometown, Tama New Town, is my inspiration for “estrangement”. Tama New Town is a residential area bulldozed from a natural hilly area (the stage of Studio Ghibli's Pom Poko). This kind of “New Town” can be seen everywhere in Japan. Their distinct “well-organized design” as well as having “everyone being outsiders” make me feel unnatural and sad, which informs the original feeling for my works.




E: Who are your favorite artists?

H: Manabe Hiroshi and Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita.



E: Why do you choose to make pixel art?

H: I enjoy the restrictions and rules. In Japan, there is a 17-letter form of poetry called the “Haiku” which is similar to pixel art. It’s fascinating because you have to express the scene that you are describing within the limitations.



E: There are a lot of game-inspired visuals in your work. What are your favorite games?

H: Bugtronica (iOS app) / Sword&Sworcery (iOS app)

Bugtronica(iOS app)/スキタイのムスメ(iOS app)




E: What do you think about cryptocurrency and crypto art?

H: The pixel art and GIF animations that I use as production tools are expressions unique to digital. It is a difficult medium to add and access value. But I became more interested because the concept of value changed due to blockchain technology.

Someone had defined public blockchain as “digital resource” because of its natural phenomenon-like nature, which is difficult to control by the will of a particular person or organization alone. I think there are similarities in the “game-like characteristics” and “storytelling” that I have in mind when creating my work. The similarity is that although each (a blockchain or artwork) is made by someone, it doesn’t turn out as expected, but there is value in it.



E: As a VJ, you also work a lot with music. Who are your favorite musicians?

H: Arthur Hnatek, 鎮座DOPENESS, New Zion Trio, and SUPERSTARS


~ Questions from the Ethernal community ~

EC: What is your fascination with doing all of your artwork on an iPhone about? Why have you chosen the iPhone as your medium? What are the pros and cons? Don't your thumbs hurt after a while ... what about your eyes, do they get stressed out?

H: I chose the iPhone because I can draw on it at any time. Being able to draw in bed, on the bus, during trips, or pockets of time between meetings really attracts me. Also, because of its small screen, I can see my entire work very well which means it’s easy to decide on my work’s shape. I only use my right index finger to draw, and I'm used to it so it's not a big deal. However, my left little finger feels painful sometimes because I hold the phone for too long.



EC: Do you plan on minting more artworks on Ethereum?

H: Of course. I am excited and hope to have more opportunities to collaborate.



Ethernal x Hermippe Heroes

Based on the Ethernal hero classes, we are releasing a total of 5 new artworks: a new limited artwork every 14 days. Each artwork will have a maximum of 20 art tokens.

Similar to our first limited art NFT release, 「the entrance」, each token comes with high-resolution JPEG and animated GIF files, original sketch, and mobile wallpapers. Collect all five tokens to receive special high-resolution JPEG and animated GIF files with all the heroes in portrait and landscape views.

✧Mage✧, the first of the collection is on sale on OpenSea, until Tuesday, June 30 at 12 PM ET.