The dungeon has closed

History of Ethernal NFTs, Heroes NFTs, and Ethernal codebase

Hello Ethernal players,

It’s been a while since we sent out an update. I’m sorry to let you know that we’ve decided to stop work on Ethernal. It was a very hard decision for our team as we all believed in the idea—a fully decentralized dungeon crawler that players would generate and own. And we had a lot planned for the future of the game. We have spent some time exploring different options. But we agreed that this is the right thing for us.

Everyone on our core team—Lumir, Ronan, and I—as well as all of our collaborators have worked very hard and given a lot of energy and time to this project in the past year. I want to thank every one of them and our partners: Matic Network, Blockchain Game Alliance, Open Sea, PixelChain, and XAYA

Big thanks to the Ethernal Guardians and Dungeon Masters for helping players in the dungeon and in our Discord server, and making it more fun for all of us. Despite the many internal challenges we faced, our community’s enthusiasm has been what motivated our team for the last few months. I’m truly sad for not being able to fulfill a lot of ideas and plans we had set out. 

History of Ethernal Alpha Mumbai NFTs

As a gift to our players, we sent a History of Ethernal Alpha Mumbai (Top 20) NFT to each of our top players and a History of Ethernal Alpha Mumbai NFT categorized by character classes to all Mumbai players. These NFTs were created with player-generated historical data on the Matic blockchain (Mumbai testnet).

Ethernal x Hermippe Heroes NFTs

We had planned to sell the remaining Ethernal x Hermippe Heroes NFTs during our mainnet launch. Instead, we’ve transferred the remaining Heroes NFTs to Hermippe (@komiya_ma). Please reach out to him if you’d like to purchase one, and we encourage everyone to continue supporting his amazing pixel art. 

Ethernal codebase

We’ve wound down the game’s web app. The smart contracts that we deployed to the Matic Mumbai testnet will remain on the testnet, as well as the items minted in the dungeon. In the coming weeks, we’ll open source the Ethernal codebase for anyone who would be interested to build on the idea. For questions, you can reach us at

We are still excited about the potential of decentralized gaming. There are many great games to explore: Dungeon Protocol, Dark Forest, and the many games that are part of the Blockchain Game Alliance. 

Thank you all for being part of this journey with us.