Alpha 2.0 Updates 06.28

Alpha 2.0 stats, new features, and special events

Hello from the Ethernal,

Our team has been hard at work since releasing Alpha 2.0 on the Matic testnet. Here are some updates for the last two weeks.

Alpha 2.0 stats

Dev updates

🗺️ Dungeon map

  • [NEW] Healing in the Temple

  • [NEW] Send items to and from the vault in the Carrier room

🎒 Inventory

  • [NEW] Vault

Other updates

  • More player info in the UI

  • Visual bug fixes

  • More optimizations on the front end and caching

Rare art NFTs

We added the winning pixel art from our Skulls & Crest contest to the dungeon this week. Players who find these rare art in the dungeon also receives the NFTs on the Ethereum mainnet. There were four rare art already discovered in the last 2 days. Two more remains in the dungeon right now!

Ethernal x Hermippe Heroes limited art sale

We collaborated with pixel artist Hermippe (Komiyama Takashi) again on a new limited art collection: Ethernal x Hermippe Heroes. Based on the Ethernal hero classes, we are releasing a total of 5 artworks. The first of the collection ✧Mage✧ is now live on OpenSea, until Tuesday, June 30 at 12 PM ET. Read our interview with Hermippe.

Want to be an Alpha tester?

You can still reserve a key by following us and tweeting “open sesame” to @EthernalWorld. Or message us in #🗝️keys🗝️ on our Discord.