Alpha Mumbai Updates 08.24

Food bank, Ya-sha Ninja, and more updates

Greetings from the Ethernal,

We’ve made a lot of fixes and updates since moving to the Matic Mumbai testnet. You can also keep track of our progress by joining our Discord community.

New Food Bank feature

A “Food” mechanism has always been designed into the dungeon gameplay. Since our game is built on-chain, every move a player makes requires gas (fee in $MATIC) to be paid. We let players pay once for “Food” which pays for all transactions, instead of paying for gas on every move (with annoying pop-ups). Players are incentivized to move in the most efficient way possible to optimize their “Food” usage.

For our Alpha, we’ve been testing “Daily Food” on Discord with our playtesters: every day at 3 PM (ET) we sent some $MATIC to players that messaged us for “Food”. Our new Food Bank feature allows players to claim free “Food” inside the game. Based on a curve, the amount of “Food” a player can claim depends on the total $MATIC balance in the Food Bank. Food Bank’s balance increases with more activities in the dungeon. I will share more details about this design in a future post.

All updates

💀 Monsters & combat

  • Combat with bare hands feature

  • Call for help feature

  • Drop & spawn rate updates

  • Monster stats updates

  • Monster display updates

⚔️ Gear

  • New class-specific gear

  • Gear durability and stats updates

  • Uncommon gear update

  • Select all items in vault transfers

☄️ Dungeon Keeper

  • Change room names

  • Paying taxes for foreclosed rooms

🤖 Dungeon Bot

  • Notifications for all activities


  • Claim free food from the Food Bank

  • Healing cost update


  • Map init

  • More caching optimization

… and lots of bug fixes

Ethernal x Hermippe Limited Art

The fifth (and final) Ethernal x Hermippe Heroes limited art, ΔYa-shaΔ, went live on OpenSea, with over 4 ETH volume in the last 4 days! 🔥 Sale ends Aug 27th, 10 PM ET. Get it here.

Want to be an Alpha tester?

You can still reserve a key by following us and tweeting “open sesame” to @EthernalWorld. Or message us in #🗝️keys🗝️ on our Discord.

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